The District Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Cafeteria of the Fitzgerald Student Center at Jefferson State Community College, 2601 Carson Road, immediately following the Roundtable (which begins at 7:00).


Map of Jefferson State Community College

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District Operations Handbook

The District


agenda 8.20



District Finance Executive - Will McIntyre

District Program Executive - Joshua Warren

District Membership Executive - Brooke Yarbrough

District Chairman - vacant

District Vice Chairman - Finance - vacant

District Vice Chairman-Program - Jon Ryan

District Vice Chairman-Membership - Doris Henry

New Unit Coordinator - Jeremy Horton

District Commissioner - Mark Self


Assistant District Commissioner - Aaron Tews

Training Committee Chairman - Mark Lundgren

Boy Scout Leader Training - Matt Brown

Activities and Civic Service - vacant

Camp Promotion and Outdoor Program -

Day Camps -

Boy Scout Camps -

Camporee - Jeremy Horton


Advancement and Recognition Committee Chairman - John Bryant

Eagle Project Approvals and Eagle Boards of Review

Eagle Board Chairman - Aaron Tews 913-4145

Vice Chairman David West 317-1790

Merit Badge Day - Trey Finlay

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner - Carolyn Self

Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner - Billy Shirley

Finance Chairman -

Friends of Scouting Chair -

Family Friends of Scouting Chair - Steve VanWinkle

OA Advisor - David West

Popcorn "Colonels" - Debra Tews

Webdude - Jon Ryan


  • Members at Large 2020
  • Milo Battle
  • Doris Henry
  • Jeremy Horton
  • Paul Jordan
  • Mark Lundgren
  • Linda Park
  • Jennifer Pierce
  • Napoleon Pleasant
  • Yolanda Pleasant
  • Jon Ryan
  • Carolyn Self
  • Mark Self
  • Chad Skelton
  • Aaron Tews
  • Debra Tews
  • David West
  • John Bryant
  • Robb Letts
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