Advancement Chairman - Kin Lum

If you would be interested in serving on an Eagle Scout Board Of Review, please contact Kin Lum 205-529-7561 or Eagle Board Members do not have to be registered Scouters to serve on the boards, so if you know someone who is not a Scouter that would like to be on a board, please get their information to Kin and he will contact them..

Merit Badge Day - Trey Finlay

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Suggested items for Eagle or Troop Service Projects: Projects to benefit local Schools can benefit your Troop by exposing the school to Scouting. This is especially important in some areas that prohibit recruiting for School Night for Scouting. When they see what Scouting can do for them and see Scouts in action you will have a better chance of recruiting new Scouts from that School.

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Advancement Educational Presentations (required reading for Scoutmasters, Advancement Chairmen, and Merit Badge Counselors)

The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling
This PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes covers the required procedures for merit badge counseling, clarifies the role of counselors in the BSA advancement program, and discusses the appropriate approaches to use in working with Scouts. It is intended as an instructor-led presentation to counselors of any experience level and takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

Download PowerPoint Presentation

Download Presenter's Notes PDF

Effective Troop Advancement
This presentation provides new and prospective troop advancement coordinators and troop advancement committee members with the basic knowledge and skills needed to get started. It can also serve as a refresher to veterans. Participants will learn about the advancement process, their unique role in it, and the related BSA national policies and procedures. The session is intended to be instructor-led and lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes depending on the experience level of those attending.

Download PowerPoint Presentation ,

Download Presenter's Notes

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NEW MERIT BADGES - Programming and Sustainability have recently been added to the list of authorized merit badges. Requirements for the two merit badges can be found at <><> and click on youth, boy scouts, awards, merit badge program and you will see all merit badge possibilities listed in alphabetical order.

Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement Power Point Presentation

New Eagle Scout Reference Recommendation form.(2012)

Have completed letters sent to: Kin Lum

Eagle Project Approvals and Eagle Boards of Review contact Kin Lum

EAGLE PROJECT REQUIREMENTS - Starting Jan. 1, 2012, Eagle Scout candidates—unless they have already submitted a plan for approval by the council or district under the former requirement—will be expected to fulfill the revised service project requirement 5 using the new workbook.
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927 (New)
Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927 (Old)
The new project workbook is on the council website ( in the Forms Library.

Eagle Scout Project Approvals:

An appointment will be required. The Scout is required to be in complete Class A uniform. If the Scout is using a Word document for his project, please e-mail me a copy prior to the meeting. You will still need to bring your copy to the meeting.

Eagle Scout Boards of Review:

I will try to do Eagle Boards of Review on a different day than Roundtables or District Committee meetings. Each troop will need to provide me with two contact names for people willing to sit on Eagle Boards. I would also like to know if an Eagle Board could be held at your unit's meeting place. If we can build up a database of people willing to serve on Eagle Boards, then we won't have to rely on the same people, over and over, to do the boards. If we can get people from all areas of the district to help, then we can possibly hold the Board closer to the Scout's home, and it would be easier for his family to be there for support. Please have several copies of the project write-up for the board.

To schedule project approvals or Eagle Scout Boards of Review, please e-mail Kin Lum

Eagle Booklet

Eagle Booklet Part 2

Eagle PPT (big file - long download time)

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